Sunday, February 22, 2009


Melissa from Alaska, Kim from Milwaukee WI, Monica from Guntersville AL

We three are also among the elite ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. One must show a high level of quality and experience in order to be allowed to join.

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International
I combined a visit with my daughter with attending this photographic convention. I drove to Dallas, then spent a couple of days with my daughter, visited a photographer friend in Abilene, flew to WPPI, flew back to Dallas for another daughter-day, then drove home. I found a trolley operation in uptown Dallas! Fun! And a couple of good restaurants. My daughter is a sweetie and I enjoy time with her. I'm still catching up on sleep....
trade show
Going to WPPI was amazing. I got to meet several folks I have known on-line for several years but never met face-t0-face... from Canada, Alaska, Portland OR, San Francisco CA, Lafayette IN, Milwaukee WI, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, Utah, Ladera Ranch CA, NY NY. Two evenings with the group, and we were all like old friends! The trade show was useful, since I cannot actually get my hands on much here in Guntersville AL before I buy something.

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Bicycle Again!

My old bike has new tires, new chain, new cables and tape, and was otherwise in good condition. I got it back Saturday and rode it before it rained. I proved I can still ride my 10-speed in traffic; It's just like riding a bicycle... anyway, here comes exercise!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

My Bicycle!

I will soon have a bicycle again!!! I haven't ridden it for several years. Found a place in Trussville which repairs such bikes as a normal part of their business. So instead of getting used to a different one, I get my old one back which I loved to ride!!!

My daughter did get me one of the newer model helmets, the kind that *really* allows air flow, instead of the old way of mostly just clamping down on my head, and making my hair more like a blanket. Hot hot hot!!!

It will be ready sometime in the not too distant future. I am so very excited. Today was warm and beautiful; would have been great biking weather. I will have to search out places to secure my bike all over town now. I plan to ride on the peninsula here, not up the big hill called Sand Mountain. Too steep and long a hill for me.