Sunday, January 17, 2010

Imaging USA/annual convention

I spent most of last week in Nashville for the annual convention of the Professional Photographers of America. Classes started at 7am Sunday; 4 per day if we wanted, plus a trade show with lots and lots of vendors and opportunities. On the one hand, it was exhausting. On the other hand, it was great. I learned more how I would like to shape my business this year (now I have to get busy and *DO* it!). I made new friends (Hey Tammy from AR and Kim from LA).

We stayed in the Gaylord Opryland hotel where the convention was held so I didn't have to go outside much into the cold; I was prepared for it the couple of times we went out!

Since I am a Certified Professional Photographer, I attended the meeting about Certification to learn what was coming, and to meet newly certified folks. Five people got to have their comments video'taped' about why Certification is important. I was one of those five! I told about the following occurrence:

2 or 3 years ago there was a photographer in Madison and Marshall counties who left her wedding couples high and dry without any photos after the wedding; she tried hard to just disappear. Channel 19 news interviewed me as a 'reputable photographer' - in business for a number of years, having all of the required licenses and sales tax accounts, and by the way being a Certified Professional Photographer. A certified photographer not only has to prove competency in the craft with a test and submitted images, but must adhere to a code of ethics. I suggested that people looking for a photographer check into whether the photographer was operating legally, first thing. Later when I was photographing a 50th Wedding Anniversary party, a number of the folks recognized me and said, "You're the Reputable Photographer!"

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