Saturday, November 15, 2008

Commercial Job

I trained for commercial photography in California before we moved to Alabama. This week I have been called back to photograph in the local plant making fire hydrants. Fortunately, not in the foundry, but in assembly and painting and stacking for shipping.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bridal Fair in the Studio Nov. 9th

Next Sunday afternoon, seven wedding-related merchants will set up to exhibit in my studio, from 1-4pm. We have coming: Rodney's Flowers (florist), River Lily (wedding dresses/tux), Wings of Love Calligraphy, Shops at the Cottage (bridal registry), Cake Crumbs (cakes), Blue Heron Limos, and of course me, Monica Martin Photographer.

It is an open house, sort of a more intimate event than some bridal fairs. You can get to know us better in a short time.

If there is a wedding in your future, you'll want to come see what we have.

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I decided to drive to NYC for photo plus. Some people thought I was crazy not to fly. But I hate flying. And I enjoy driving. Sooo...

First I headed to New Haven, KY where Diehl and I went about ten years ago. We had stumbled into the KY Railway Museum, and a trip on the steam engine they had just refurbished, and an old hotel with restaurant. Diehl used his 4x5 camera to take photos then. I had a great time reminiscing, as this time I was alone. It was the best day all year since he died last October 2007. Then I visited a fellow photographer in Ashland, KY - Teresa, and her lovely family. Teresa cooks a mighty fine breakfast! Then on to Marysville, OH to see Heather! Two pleasant dogs and she cooks lasagna! Then some history in Dayton, OH. Then some history in Hershey, PA. I visited with another photographer there for a couple of hours, Craig. Then I drove to Royersford near Philadelphia to visit Jen (turns out the World Series was beginning and neither of us really were aware of that...)

Then I drove to the Javits Center and followed two photographers, Dan and Bruce, around the show, looking mostly at albums/books. Bruce helped me drive to his place in Brooklyn and offered me the sofabed in his family's living room. I got a quick walking tour of the city between the Javits and Times Square, the St Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, etc. Went back Friday and then Saturday to ask questions about a certain hardware/software deal, and was able to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art until my feet hurt too much to stand. I took notes on who painted light well, to look up later. Coney Island on the way out, a shadow of its former self, but since I always enjoyed the CA beaches better in January, I went and enjoyed seeing what is still there.

On the way back I stopped in Washington DC which was doubly interesting. That was the date exactly one year after Diehl died, so I ate Thai food which he loved and I had never tried, helped by friends to choose wisely. These friends are Andy and Erin, photographer/artists, and I got to see Erin's art show and another collection of DC artists, several of whom Erin knew. Then on to Jacksonville, NC where I met Elise and her husband and cat, and she arranged for two other photographers to meet for dinner, Bob and Charo. Such fun! (More Thai food, too.) Then on to Lynchburg, VA to meet Allegra and family. We photographed in a beautiful cemetery with the best fall colors of the entire trip! I learned about croquettes and bechamel. After that, two nights with Diehl's cousin Connie. Her son showed me around Greenville, SC with their refurbished beautiful old hotel, and a theatre he sometimes acts in, and his place of work which is an advertising group. There are palm trees inside (planted in the ground in the hallway, skylights for light). They had about 70 trick-or-treaters and we played Upwords which was new to me (she won the first, I won the second). Lastly I stopped for a late lunch to meet Hassel's family. And then home.

Sixteen days. Driving by myself. Singing a lot of the way. Enjoying memories. Learning. Meeting people.

Monday I need to get the cat out of kitty prison...

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Photo Plus in NYC

I was able to go to Photo Plus expo in New York at the Javits Center. This was the 25th year. Long ago, a couple of years after it started, my commercial photography instructor told us it was important to go to that for our business. Well, I never went (until this year!). When I lived in the LA area it was easier to see whatever I needed to... but here in Guntersville I can't keep up so well on what the new albums or other new developments. So I went. And I'm glad I did!

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