Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Going to the dog(s)

Addie is a sweet dog. She is just a puppy but so very cute. Bring your special pet to Monica Martin Photographer for a portrait.

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Pets!!! Monica loves dogs and cats!

How cute are these kittens! And of course the young lady...Even had a senior girl bring in her pet chicken once! Bring your pet to Monica Martin Photographer for a portrait of your special pet.

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Practically Newborn

Miss J was exactly one month old, but a bit of a preemie. She didn't sleep much, and when she finally did, she kept one eye slightly open.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Architectural Photography

I have always enjoyed architectural photography but haven't had too much call for it. Since Event Magazine of Marshall County started, they have used my services for the commercial features: architectural of a featured home, and commercial of a featured business.

Today's post shows the recently featured house, in Guntersville, on the Lake which was formed by Guntersville Dam across the Tennessee River in the '30s. This home was built to have a feel like Telluride, Colorado. Natural stone, and timber. Beautiful warm feeling. The Great Room is the full two-stories tall. And the owners are delightful.

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