Monday, December 1, 2008

Judging Photos

Another photographer and I spent the day discussing photos. From 9am till 5pm. (I was too late to pick up the cat from kitty prison; I thought I'd be back during business hours...)
It is always interesting to compare ideas with another photographer one respects. We agreed on lots, but not everything, so we had to justify to each other, and in a few cases changed each other's minds. The photos judged were for the end-of-year awards of the Huntsville Photographic Society. They have eleven monthly competitions, then the best of the photos which placed during the year get a chance at the best of the year in December. I have judged the b/w a couple of times before; this time they had both of us do b/w, color print, and slides, all together. That was fun!
The banquet is this next Monday, and for giving them a program and judging they are providing me with a meal; I think it's Italian. But more importantly, I can see a few people I never otherwise get to see whom I enjoy a lot.